AMPOLT SMART SOLUTION/IOT were recognized for their innovative efforts to co-develop an aesthetically designed smart light pole that blends seamlessly into the urban landscape, delivering both 4G/5G wireless network capacity for multiple mobile network operators and quality energy-efficient LED lighting in a single solution. The new Smart City solution will enable new applications, including SMART INTEGRATION,SECURITY + CAMERA SURVEILLANCE,CLIMATE CONTROLS,ENERGY SAVING and more.


Smart pole will enable a wide range of evolving smart city applications that harness the potential of the Internet of Things.Ampolt Smart poles are designed to deliver new and future digital applications including enhanced emergency services, acoustic sensing, air quality monitoring and autonomous vehicle navigation and more.

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Ampolt work closely with businesses to deliver home automation solutions such as instant operations using wearable technology,mobile applications, and web intervention.So, whether it is setting the thermostat at the optimum levels or managing home lightning based on human presence in rooms, we will make your ideas and indulgences come to life.

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